Dear Fromagegirl... Send me your cheese questions

Hi Fromagegirl,

I'm holding a small dinner party in a few weeks and want to serve a cheeseboard instead of dessert. One of my friends who is coming can't eat cow's milk. Please can you help me choose three or four cheeses which I can get quite easily to serve them?

Hi Miranda,
Thanks for your email!
This is a great question. It really all depends on how much you like your friend! For example if it's your best bud of many years you could get away with just having one or two of the selection suitable for them. Or if it's someone your trying to impress? Go the whole shebang! Your options are in the form of ewe's milk or goat's milk. There are absolutely loads of different choices, but I won't bore you with a huge list.
If your on a budget you can pick up some good Roquefort (ewe's milk) in Lidl and team that up with some hard cow's milk cheese like Comte or soft like camembert.
Pecorino (hard Italian ewe's milk) is deliciously salty you can crumble it up and nibble on it with a glass of Chianti. You can pick up some hard goat's cheese cheddar style easily these days in supermarkets or you can choose the traditional French log with it's bloomy rind and crumbly centre for a fresher taste.
I hope this helps. Don't forget the grapes & apples!