Scottish Week at The Little Cheesemonger 23rd - 27th January 2018

Charles Mcloed Stornoway HaggisTo celebrate Burn's night (Robert Burns, you know Auld Lang Syne) on the 25th of January we are ordering in some fine Scottish foods to enjoy. Starting off with Haggis all the way from Stornoway, Blackpudding and White pudding. Not forgetting some Scottish Cheese to enjoy with Scottish biscuits. So what's your favorite Scottish Cheese? Tell me and maybe we can get some in?

But why celebrate Burn's night we are in North Wales after all. When I started my career as a fledgling cheesemonger at I.J. Mellis Cheesemongers (many moons ago) Burn's night suppers were always a great to beat the January blues. You may not perhaps go the whole hog and have a piper and address the haggis as once Robert Burns did, but you might have a plate of Haggis tatties and neeps and a wee dram or two? Then finish off with a nice selection of Scottish cheese. 

HAGGIS! Isn't it full of entrails, trotters and pig feet. No silly: Beef Suet, Oatmeal, Liver, Beef Flank, Lamb Flank, Water, Onions, Salt, Pepper. No shockers there. 
"I've never cooked a haggis", don't worry with each haggis purchase you will get a free print out of how to cook your haggis and a recipie for a Whisky sauce from local Chef David Barratt of Barratt's Restaurant & Boutique B&B.

Please let me know if you would like a Haggis and I will make sure we have enough ordered (they are £6.70 each for 500g) 01745 591906 or

Look out for Valentines week next when we will have some very romantic cheese and hampers.