Cheese Subscription | Christmas Cheese Subscription

Cheese Subscription | Christmas Cheese Subscription

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Cheese Subscription £35 a month (cheese plus postage)

Once a month we will send you generous portions of 4 to 5 cheese by courier (non courier option also).

This will be combined with voice notes or paper notes if you prefer.

This is a super simple no obligation subscription. 

Buying this as a Christmas Gift? Simply place your order online today (just once) and we will send the first subscription box for the second week in January. You can set up a standing order to pay monthly (or how ever you prefer) and we will send a subscription out on the first week of every month.

No need to cancel, if you don't want to continue simply don't pay on the 1st of the month and no box will be posted. Easy.

Any question please let us know. Happy to help. Gemma