Bigger Sharing Platter Box | Gift Platter

Bigger Sharing Platter Box | Gift Platter

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Just like our other platters in the same size box but we cram more in to feed more people (or bigger appetites)

This box is a bit like opening a box of chocolates. 

There is a variety of different things to nibble on like various cheese, olives, salami, yellow bell pumpkins, crackers, snacks and a sweet treat.

Makes a lovely gift for someone special or a weekend treat for a night in.

Please pre-order these as it takes us a bit of time to create them.

Choose from the drop down menu which day you would like the collection for. Remember to write in the notes if you don't like olives, goats cheese, blue cheese and we will make sure not to put these in.

We can't post this im afriad but can deliver locally.

**These platters are available ONLY UNTIL 30TH NOVEMBER 2019. They will return for January 2020**