Marina's Italian Biscuits | Sicilian Patisserie | Pre-Order

Marina's Italian Biscuits | Sicilian Patisserie | Pre-Order

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We love Marina's Italian Cookery especially her Sicilian patisserie delights not commonly known here in the UK. Why not pre-order yours and she will bake you up a fresh batch. Ideal as a gift or to treat yourself.

Olivette di Sant AgataSicilian pastries that you can not miss! The patron saint of Catania: Olivette almond paste is traditionally prepared in late January and early February. Similar to a marzipan but much nicer.

Paste di Pistacchio: The most popular choice of the bunch. Almond based biscuits with Pistachios 

Paste de Mandorla: Almond patisserie biscuit

Paste de Mandorla e CacaoAlmond patisserie biscuit with chocolate! My favorite!

Torrone pistachio: Chewie noughat stuffed with nuts like pistachios and covered in chocolate.

Paste di Nocciole: Hazelnut patisserie biscuit