Pant Y Foel Mini | Sweetshop Gin | Cherry Bakewell Gin | Amber Gin |  Rum 50ml

Pant Y Foel Mini | Sweetshop Gin | Cherry Bakewell Gin | Amber Gin | Rum 50ml

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Mini versions of Pant Y Foel outstanding Gins. Choose which from the drop down menu.

This small batch production Welsh Gin is made near Denbigh in North Wales. Available in 3 distinct flavours, a refreshing tipple for any occasion. 

Pant y Foel Sweet Shop Gin 38% abv, with flavours reminiscent of Bubble gum, Candyfloss, Marshmallows & Parma Violets. 

Try serving with Sicilian Lemon Tonic, with crushed Lovehearts & Parma Violets to decorate the rim. Add some mini marshmallows and lemon for a real sweet treat.

Pant y Foel Amber Gin 43% abv, infused with Cinnamon, Orange, Cranberry with plenty of Juniper notes and Lemon Verbena.

Try serving over plenty of ice with tonic, a swirl of orange zest and some dried cranberries. 

Pant y Foel Cherry Bakewell Gin 38% abv Strong Cherry gin with almond flavouring. Recommeded with Lamb & Watt Hibiscus Tonic Water. Serve with a Glacé cherry.

Pant Y Foel Honey Spiced Rum 37.5% abc

A sensational spiced rum spirit drink with sweet toffee, pudding and honey flavours, followed by carefully selected spices of cloves and vanilla, with a slightly peppery and salty smooth finish.

Simply enjoy by sipping on its own, or with a little ice or mix with a high-quality cola, ginger beer or create your own magical cocktail.

Coming soon: 3 mini gin gift set Order yours for Chrstmas HERE