Christmas at The Little Cheesemonger

Christmas Opening

Sunday 20th Dec:

Prestatyn closed

Rhuddlan Closed


Monday 21st to Wednesday 23rd

Prestatyn 9:30 - 5pm

Rhuddlan 10:30 - 5pm


Christmas Eve

Prestatyn 9.30 to 4pm

Rhuddlan 10.30 to 4pm


25th/26th/27th Closed


Monday 28th December

Prestatyn 9.30am to 5pm

Rhuddlan closed


Tuesday 29th & 30th

Prestatyn 9:30 - 5pm

Rhuddlan 10:30 - 5pm


New Years Eve

Prestatyn 9:30 - 4pm

Rhuddlan 10:30 - 4pm


New Years Day closed


Saturday 2nd January Closed:

Reopen 5th January 

Thanks so such for the amazing support from our customers, we have now closed our website and order books for Christmas 2020. Don't worry!!

You can pop to one of our shops in Rhuddlan or Prestatyn and still choose yourself a wonderful selection of cheese for Christmas. Opening times to follow shortly.


Below is a list of important information which we advise you to read through to improve your experience at The Little Cheesemonger this Christmas....

We usually have long cue times at Christmas and I often ping out a waiting time estimate on Facebook to keep you up to date. This year is unprecedented and we have to also take social distancing in to account so please, please give yourselves plenty of time to cue. We do go as fast as we can, take in to account some of our customers are elderly and need more time to think about what they are buying and some of our customers are just excited!

Now Closed - To make things faster you can always order ahead (we need a minimum of 48 hours notice at Christmas)

Christmas Deliveries: The last courier service deliveries will be sent on 16th & 17th December. We predict the couriers are likely to be overwhelmed this Christmas so we are planning to send a bit earlier than usual.

Local deliveries: Our last local deliveries will end on 19th December. This then gives us a chance to have all hands on dec over Christmas week to ensure those cue times are kept to a minimum in store.

We don't make our sharing platters during Christmas but this year we will have the option to have a sharing platter kit which you can simply display at home on your own cheeseboard with all the yummy things you normally get in our patters.

Christmas open hours to be updated here shortly.

If you need any help please don't hesitate to contact us!