Aballu Chocolate Bars | Handmade Artisan Welsh Confectionery | Luxury Welsh Chocolates

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Aballu Chocolate Bars | Handmade Artisan Welsh Chocolates by Jo at the Coco Rooms in Wrexham

These hand poured chocolate bars are available in white, milk, and dark chocolate with assorted flavours like caramel, strawberry, and orange.

Choose the base chocolate and let the flavour be a surprise! 

"Aballu is dedicated to producing high quality, innovative flavours and products. 
We’re a small, but growing company that uses ‘on-trend’ ingredients and methods to create exciting chocolates
Our focus is on great taste and top quality. There’s a real attention to detail, so our products look as good as they taste. Great chocolate deserves great ingredients. We believe in using the best ingredients and no artificial additives or preservatives"