Adamson’s Pittenweem Handmade Oatcakes 150g

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In the heart of Pittenweem, Adamson Oatcakes carry a rich legacy dating back to Granny Agnes in 1887.
The tradition of crafting these oatcakes by hand began at Bruce Wynd Bakehouse, and it continued when Granny Agnes relocated to the bustling High Street in 1924.
The growing popularity led to the establishment of a new bakehouse in 1935, a haven where the same time-honored recipe, oven, and commitment to the finest ingredients persist.

Following Granny Agnes's original principle. These oatcakes have a slightly thicker yet wholesome texture, these oatcakes hold slightly more moisture and rustic appeal than your dry mass produced versions on the shelves. These oatcakes can transport you back in time through your imagination to sit at the table and watch Granny Agnes making her oatcakes on the stove.

During the 14th century, Scottish soldiers reportedly traveled with a metal plate and a bag of oatmeal. Historical records suggest that these soldiers would warm the plate over a fire, dampen a portion of oatmeal, and craft a cake to provide sustenance for their stomachs.

These are very delicate and we will do our best to post these to you unbroken but please slow for a small amount of brake-age due the rustic nature of this oatcake .