Altovela Sparkling Airén Wine from La Mancha Spain

Altovela Sparkling Airén Wine from La Mancha Spain

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This product contains alcohol. You have confirmed to be over 18 years old, but can still be asked to show ID on delivery.

Harvested at early September in Toledos’ vineyard field, in La Mancha.

Best bunches are selected and macerated at a low temperature for 8 hours in order to extract aromas. We then drain off the juice and ferment at 15ºC. When the wine reaches 9% alcohol, the fermentation is blocked by chilling, hence killing the yeast in a natural way, with the result that un-transformed sugar remains in the wine and gives a natural sweetness in the mouth. This process is carried out in hermetic stainless steel tanks which retain part of the carbon dioxide produced by the fermentartion, giving the wine a natural zestiness.

asting Note:
Colour: Golden yellow, clear and bright.
Nose: Intense and fresh with hints of banana and tropical fruit.
Palate: In the mouth is fresh and delicate, thanks to the natural raciness. A certain sweetness in conveyed by the Airén which gives a structure and complexity. it has a backbone of magnificent acidity accompanied by a touch of fatness.

Goes well with salads and cold starters

Serve at 5 – 7º C