Chilli Jams | Dangerous Food Co. North Wales | 110g

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The Dangerous Food Co. have brought some spice to North Wales by combining chillies with different fruits to create a tantalising accompaniment to savoury snacks and dishes.

The jams vary in spice level depending on the chillies used and the fruits used in each of the jams offers a fresh and slightly sweet twist to mellow out the chilli heat.

Chilli Jam: Red chillies with limes (mild spice)

Jalapeno: Jalapeno chillies with bramley apples (medium spice)

Habanero: Habanero chillies with mangoes (medium-hot spice)

Ghost Chilli: Ghost chillies with blueberries (hot spice)

Carolina Reaper: Carolina Reaper chillies with pineapples (very hot spice)