Montgomery Cheddar | Unpastursed Authentic Cheddar

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Introducing the taste of history with Montgomery Cheese, a true masterpiece crafted by the expert hands of the Montgomery family for over a century. This nutty, earthy, and natural cheddar will transport you back in time to the traditional flavors of cheddar that would've been tasted 100 years ago.

Grazed on the rich pastures of Somerset, the Montgomery Cheese is a product of a historical legacy. The cheese-making farm has been passed down for generations, and the current maker, Jamie Montgomery, is the third-generation cheese maker following his mother Elizabeth and grandfather Sir Archibald Langman, who bought the farm in 1911.

The Montgomery Cheese is one of the handfuls producing traditional cheddar and unpasteurised cloth-bound cheddar. They keep the tradition alive allowing others to taste the potential of true cheddar.

Montgomery Cheese is not just a product but a piece of history that you can savor. The cheese is made from the finest quality milk, and the process is entirely natural, without the addition of any artificial flavors or preservatives.

Experience the richness of Somerset pastures and the heritage of the Montgomery family with every bite of this exquisite cheese.


Made with Animal Rennet.