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Stichelton is produced by a partnership including Randolph Hodgson who owns the specialist cheese retailer Neal's Yard Dairy and Joe Schneider who is an American who had been a cheesemaker in the Netherlands and the UK. In late 2004 Schneider and Hodgson discussed the possibility of recreating an unpasteurised Stilton-style cheese. They eventually found premises in which to start their dairy, on the Welbeck Abbey Estate near Worksop in Nottinghamshire.

Unable to be described as a Stilton, the new cheese was named Stichelton, which its makers say was based on the original name of the village of Stilton (the spelling Stichelton appears in the 13th century Lincoln Rolls). The first Stichelton cheese was produced in October 2006 reportedly from a starter culture obtained from the original producer by Hodgson's colleague, and subsequently kept alive for fifteen years. 

Imagine a stronger verions of Stilton!