Jebel The Mount Goat's Cheese | Unpasturised Welsh Goat's Cheese 200g

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We are sorry to say this is the last of this cheese as lock down affected this fledgling business.


Jebel made by Nadine & Dan from The Mount Goat's Cheese in Clynderwen. It's an exciting new addition to the Artisan Welsh Cheese making scene. Currently the only unpasturised goats cheese being made in Wales. It's delicious too, you would be forgiven for thinking you were in the South of France tucking in to this cheese. Jebel is Arabic for hill/mountain, hence the shape of the cheese.
We currently stock small levels of this cheese so it's always best to pre-order to save disappointment. Currently our delivery day for new stock is Thursday so please let us know by Wednesday morning at the latest.

Goat's milk is naturally easier to digest than cows milk. So opt for goats cheese who have previously suffered digesting cows milk cheese.

Goat's milk is an alkaline food, and a good source of sulphur which has been said to support flexibility and joint health. It is a wonderful source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and beneficial bacteria.

The Mount Goat’s Cheese

A beautiful new raw, mould ripened Goat’s cheese is what happens when a Brit, a Kiwi and a gang of 40 cheeky goats get together at the foot of the Preseli Mountains in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Made by Dan Roberts and Nadine Porter, ’Jebel’ reflects the new life the couple have established in Wales.

Following 18 months of extensive global travel on agricultural Nuffield scholarships for their respective countries the pair realised the intensive farming systems they had grown up with were de-valuing food and the food system, producers and rural communities. 

Both came from intensive agricultural backgrounds with Dan a former manager in the broiler industry in England for a company producing 2 million chickens a week, and Nadine a former partner in a cropping and sheep farm in New Zealand.

Tracing the industrialisation of food production around the world and the resulting denigration of society and communities, they sought to start their own sustainable small artisan cheese business in Wales, where they believe there is residual understanding of the importance of food as an intimate commodity.

The result is The Mount Goat’s Cheese – a smallholding of 40 milking goats where their cheese is lovingly produced and nurtured as a reflection of the couples' philosophies and love of Continental style cheeses. 

Maira, Doris, Chenai, Mayberry, Flossie, Maddie, Hettie, Daisy and the rest of The Mount Goat 

herd help to produce a fresh buttery vegetarian cheese that develops into something other-worldly as it ages, among the stunning backdrop of the Preseli mountains.

As Wales only unpasteurised goats cheese Jebel is a wonderful new entrant into the artisan cheese market.