Marina's Italian Biscuits | Sicilian Patisserie | Pre-Order

Marina's Italian Biscuits | Sicilian Patisserie | Pre-Order

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A perfect gift for Mother's Day! Sunday 31st March.

These fresh boxes will arrive on the Saturday 30th of March so please pre order yours.

We love Marina's Italian Cookery especially her Sicilian patisserie delights not commonly known here in the UK. Why not pre-order yours and she will bake you up a fresh batch. Ideal as a gift or to treat yourself.

Olivette di Sant AgataSicilian pastries that you can not miss! The patron saint of Catania: Olivette almond paste is traditionally prepared in late January and early February. Similar to a marzipan but much nicer.

Paste di Pistacchio: The most popular choice of the bunch. Almond based biscuits with Pistachios 

Paste de Mandorla: Almond patisserie biscuit

Paste de Mandorla e CacaoAlmond patisserie biscuit with chocolate! My favorite!

Torrone pistachio: Chewie noughat stuffed with nuts like pistachios and covered in chocolate.

Paste di Nocciole: Hazelnut patisserie biscuit