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Greek Kalamata Olives are famous for their great flavour. A natural source of fibre and Vitamin E, they are the perfect Mediterranean snack for anytime of day. This 100% natural and delicious snack is suitable for vegans, dairy free and gluten free. Enjoy on the go or added to a meal for extra flavour.


People love sharing and enjoying tasty food – This is why Mr Filbert’s creates gourmet snacks, using only the finest and freshest ingredients, to ensure you’re getting only what nature intended.

Suitable for Vegans.

Ingredients: Pitted Kalamata Olives (93%), sea salt, red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil.

Nutritional Information per 100g: Energy 945kJ/226kcal; Fat 22.5g; of which saturates 2.8g; Carbohydrate 3.9g; of which sugars 0.5g; Fibre 3.9g; Protein 1.8g; Salt 2g.