Special Mini Platter Offer!

Special Mini Platter Offer!

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Special Mini Platter Offer

There is a selection of artisan cheese, cured meat, antipasti, and mini preserve included in the box.

Makes an excellent gift too!

Don't forget to Pre-Order, we prefer 24 hours notice.

2 days shelf-life

In the notes section: most importantly tell us of any food related allergies. Also which shop you’d like to collect from, and if you don’t like olives or blue cheese please let us know. 

contains Nuts, Dairy, Wheat, Sulphites,  Mustard seed, Barley






During the Christmas weeks, we temporarily suspend the production of our sharing platters.

This decision is prompted by our limited availability of hours at Christmas, as we are always fully booked with crafting our extraordinary gift boxes, hampers, and cheese selections.

These items offer the added advantage of an extended shelf life compared to sharing platters, which are best enjoyed within a couple of days after collection.