Brand Spanking New Cheese PITCHFORK comes to Rhuddlan for the very first time.

Introducing Pitchfork. 

This has just been unleased on the foodie community. Made by Trethowan's Dairy 7 miles as the crow flies from Cheddar.

Before I go any further lets just stop right here for a little cheese history for those that don’t know… This is called a territorial cheese and harks back to ye olde tradition. If we stuck to the rules then we would only eat cheddar made from a small area/radius of Somerset near Cheddar Gorge, Stilton from Nottinghamshire, Cheshire from Cheshire, Lancashire… need I say more? We have a rich history in Britain of producing bloody good territorial cheese so just remember that next time you pick up a block of cheese in the supermarket is it authentic? Probably not, but it will do the job for the kids cheesy pasta, you can hit the cheese shop next time you want something interesting and authentic.

Back to Pitchfork the new cheese on the block. I like to try and keep Rhuddlan the epicentre of cheese trend (haha, that’s why they call me curd nerd). I had to try Pitchfork for myself it was well over due. I can happily say is excellent, of course it is, this dairy is well known for their excellent cheese. It's also a Raw Milk cheese (if you are not familiar with Raw Milk click HERE for a breif description in our previous blog)

It's mature with bags of flavour, fruity and tangy and the taste keeps going and going. A beautiful patina on the mottled rind and the odd blue vein lightning bolt proof of it's traditional methods of aging.

Top tips when choosing any cheddar!

1. Excellent cheddar must have a rind, a real natural rind.

2. Make sure it’s not wet to touch, you want a waxy cheddar that’s the real deal right there.

3. It’s difficult to squeeze between your fingers and should never mush with ease.

 The photo shows Todd & Maugan Trethowan (the brothers who make the cheese) with the cheddars in their new cheddar store, holding pitchforks. The name Pitchfork was decided upon because they still use pitchforks in the old-fashioned way, to toss the curds and mix in the salt.

 If you ever decide to go in to cheese making by hand the traditional way, you will always be fit and healthy. It’s hot, heavy intensive work and then you have to baby sit cheddar for a year! Lovingly turning, brushing the cheese and cleaning their boards weekly making sure their environment is perfect for aging until they are taste ready to release on their customers. That’s when it ends up here at The Little Cheesemonger in Rhuddlan waiting for you to come and taste it!

Find it on our online shop HERE PITCHFORK