Cheese School Etiquette

Cheese School Etiquette

We are looking forward to Cheese School this Friday Barratt's Restaurant & Boutique B&B
If you've never been to a cheese & wine tasting or not been for a while here are some here are some top tips for etiquette when in the company of polite society.

-Perfume and Aftershave reduce to a tiny amount! This is quite an important one. I'm sure you smell divine but the person next to you might not be able to smell and taste very well if your Channel No 5 is tuning out the rest of their senses. Try instead dabbing a little behind your ears and under clothes.

-Bring a pen: Pens and paper are usually available at tastings but it's always good to make sure you have a way to note down your favorites because guaranteed you won't remember the name the next day. This is when I usually get people contacting me saying. I was at a tasting and I had this cheese it was yellow and really nice....????

-Don't come on an empty stomach: I have experience of doing this, it's never good. Don't come too full either you don't want to dampen your appetite. A light snack (not overly salty or vinegary)
to stop you feeling hungry and stop the alcohol going straight to your head is ideal.

-Some people will need to spit! For those who aren't used to seeing people spit in to a bowl it can seem a bit weird. It's really a very sensible thing to do if your driving, you want a clear head by the time you get to the last wine or if you don't like a wine your trying. Maybe medically some people should't drink but still want to enjoy the experience or they might have a big day ahead the next day. Please don't feel awkward.

-People will make strange slurpie noises. Don't for a minute think you'll be getting away without making some of these noises. This is school after all and I'll be teaching you how to taste on a different level.

-You might think...It reminds me of petrol! "I'm not saying that". Yes! Tell us you think it tastes of petrol. Taste is subjective.

-Don't panic if you can't taste the same things as the person next to you. Your senses are like a muscle. You may need a bit of time to get warmed up. Suddenly POW! It will start to fall in to place.

-Don't gobble down your wine and cheese before you've heard all about it and followed the instructions. I know it's tempting to do this but you'll end up with an empty plate while the rest of the group is still exploring the tastes. That gets boring for you. See notes about not turning up on an empty stomach another good reason.

-Enjoy yourself. This isn't some stuck up serious wine tasting this is a chance to have a nice time relax and try some new things.

I look forward to seeing you there if your booked on for this one. If not there are still tickets for the tasting in Prestatyn 8th September. We also have an up and coming Spanish night with The Spanish Hamper (TBC) and another in October with James Fearon Wines at Community Centre Rhuddlan (TBC)
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