Welcoming a new Welsh Cheese in to the fold Caws Pen Helyg Abaty

Welcoming a new Welsh Cheese in to the fold Caws Pen Helyg Abaty.

Welsh cheese makers are rare indeed. It’s cause for great celebration when something new is brought to market. Why celebrate, it’s just cheese? We lost many Welsh Cheese producers over lockdown, any help I can bring to new makers will hopefully make them more successful. Roger Yorke the creator of Pen Helyg Abaty is excited to be at the point where he can share his cheese with everyone. 

Creating a new cheese from scratch and to get to the point of being able to produce and sell it professionally takes a very long time. 

This cheese in particular has to go through more red tape than usual, because not only is it Organic it’s also made from Raw Milk (unpasturised milk). 

Creating anything organic has to firstly be applied for then assessed before it can be given a classification and that’s putting the whole process mildly.

That’s not all, this cheese is put under more strict testing for every single batch that’s made because it’s also an unpasteurised cheese. It will be tested for safe levels of bacteria before it’s able to be consumed by the public. This is not unusual, this is the way all unpasturised cheese is checked, we just don’t tend to know the lengths that the artisan cheese makers go through to bring us their fine cheese. We appreciate you dedicated cheese makers!

The first batch I’ve tasted is mild (that will be due to it’s vegetarian rennet) buttery, creamy and a gentle after taste of woodland mushrooms. Fantastic. What I know about this because it’s an unpasturised cheese we will see and taste it change slightly season to season depending on what the heard are grazing on over the year, as the milk comes from a Single heard of cows (Holstein Friesians). 

I think this cheese is going to be the popular choice for the Easter Lunch Cheeseboards this year.

You are welcome to pop in and taste this new cheese and it is also now live on the website if you’d like some couriered.