Isle of Mull a hard Cheddar style Scottish cheese aged in cloth traditionally unpasteurised

Isle of Mull Cheddar | Scottish Hard Cheese | Unpasteurised

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Isle of Mull Cheddar is a Scottish Hard

Unpasteurised Cheese made on

Sgriob-ruadh Farm

A traditional artisan farmhouse cheese from the Isle of Mull, off the west coast of Scotland. 

The colour of this cheese can vary throughout the year, as during the winter the cows predominantly eat hay which creates a paler coloured cheese compared to during the warmer months when the cows feed on fresh grass. 

This cheddar style cheese is made from raw cow's milk and is not suitable for vegetarians. 

Sustainability: "Sgriob-ruadh Farm produces 100% of its own electricity and heating supply"

It's also Sir Michael Palins favourite cheese, which he says he enjoys with a slice of apple!