Italian Patisserie by Marina's Italian Cookery | Ruthin

Marina was born and brought up in Catania, within a traditional Sicilian family, where food is a source of family bonding, lots of discussions and appreciation of quality meals.

Catania is the second largest city in Sicily, Italy, lying at the foot of the active Mount Etna, a land covered in wild prickly figs, citrus fruits and olives, surrounded by warm clear blue Mediterranean seas.

Marina trained to be a teacher, then, left Italy to study music, becoming a notable harpsichordist in The Netherlands

Continuing with music and teaching, Marina eventually found herself in Portugal running her own part-time Italian restaurant, while still teaching music and languages.

Moving on, Marina has now settled in Cyffylliog, Ruthin, Wales, with her established Italian Cookery business, whilst continuing with teaching both traditional cookery and the Italian language.

Focusing on quality, traditional Italian food, Marina supplies delicacies not normally found on the high street, ranging from taste-explosion cakes to colourful and varied buffets. She can also teach you individually or as part of a group, to create your own exciting dishes, courses can be held in your own home or a local venue.

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