Brie De Meaux AOC

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Brie De Meaux AOC  

Ripe French Brie  Unpasteurised Brie

This brie is not your standard white wedge you would see on the shelf at a super market this is the real deal!

It’s an exceptional soft cheese with reputation and historical background. It has an AOC which means it's has a protected designation of origin and can only be made in a certain location and to certain traditional methods.

Brie de meaux is a French cheese produced in the region of Brie which is 50 kilometers to the east of Paris and can be dated back as far as the year 774.

This is a raw, soft unpasteurised cow's milk cheese with a white bloomy ridged rind. It has a rich taste with strong buttery flavours of mushrooms and truffles and a strong aroma.

Brie is at it’s best when mature and at room temperature. It’s often described as “ripe brie” when the edges soften and it seems to be making it’s escape from the plate.

This cheese is recommended for any serious cheese lover.

This goes deliciously with our Earth Crackers