Cheese Wedding tower Lace

Cheese Wedding tower : Lace (Feeds 45)

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Cheese Wedding tower : Lace 

This tower is perfect if your not a big lover of soft cheese as we focus mainly on crumbly, firm and blue cheese.

This tower will feed approximately 45 guests.

1st Layer: Camembert  2 x 200g

A traditional French soft cheese. Creamy and buttery with a slight mushroom aroma.

2nd Layer : Cornish Yarg x1kg

A firm cheese covered in nettle leaves to give it's trade mark look and mild flavour.

3rd Layer: Wensleydale & Cranberries  x 2kg

A firm white crumbly cheese set with juicy cranberries. It's always a popular cheese.

4th Layer (Base): Blue Stilton x 2kg

A firm but crumbly traditional British Blue cheese. Creamy but tangy.