Mature Mahon | Mature Spanish Hard Cheese

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Exceptional Aged Mahon from Menorca

Savor the unique Spanish cheese experience with our Aged Mahon from Menorca. Crafted with passion and dedication, this firm cheese elevates your culinary adventure to new heights.

🧀 *Aged to Perfection* 🧀
Our Aged Mahon has matured for 6 months, resulting in a firmer texture and a robust, mature flavor. Each bite delivers a symphony of rich, complex tastes that linger on your palate, leaving you craving more.

🐄 *Committed to Animal Welfare* 🐄
The cheese maker upholds the highest standards in caring for their cows, ensuring their well-being while producing exceptional milk quality. It's more than just cheese; it's a product of ethical and responsible farming practices.

🥛*Pure Excellence in Every Slice*🥛
Made from pasteurised cow's milk and featuring animal rennet (please note, not suitable for vegetarians).