Brefu Bach Soft Raw Welsh Ewe's Milk Welsh Cheese | Foothills of Snowdonia

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Brefu Bach (Little Bleat) 120g Raw Welsh Ewe's Milk Cheese from the Foothills of Snowdonia

Cosyn Cymru's Brefu Bach is a testament to the perseverance and determination of the cheese maker, Carrie Rimes, who transformed a former Catholic church into a modern dairy. The production rooms, which are open for tours, showcase the quality and craftsmanship of this cheese.

Carrie's unwavering dedication to her craft is reflected in the soft and creamy texture of the ewe's milk truckle. Located near Bangor in Tregarth, North Wales, the foothills of Snowdonia provide the ideal environment for the creation of this delectable cheese. As a bonus, Brefu Bach is also suitable for vegetarians, making it an excellent choice for all cheese enthusiasts.

Only available seasonally - Not all year

Suitable for Vegetarians - Thistle Rennet.

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