Diforti Frisbi Pistachio 200g - Dolcetti

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Diforti Frisbi Pistachio 200g

Savour the exquisite Diforti Frisbi Pistachio, a delightful fusion of Italian chocolate biscuits featuring a luscious pistachio creamy center.

Crafted in the playful and unique shape of a frisbee, each 200g pack promises a delicious and indulgent experience.

Unleash the joy of Italian flavours with every bite of these delectable treats.

This genuine Italian delicacy is a true delight best savored with a steaming cup of tea or your preferred coffee blend we'd recommend our locally fresh roasted Mug Run coffee for the perfect match, promising to instantly fill you with joy.


Ingredients Pastry 70%: Wheat flour, vegetable margarine, (fats(palm), oil, (sunflower)), water, acidity regulator: citric, acid flavouring) sugar, cornstarch, Eggs, low-fat cocoa powder, 2% inverted glucose syrup, salt, raising agents, diet, sodium carbonate, flavouring, pistachio, filling cream, 30% sugar, vegetable oil, sunflower, palm, skimmed milk, powder, whey powderMilk, lactose, milk, pistachio nuts, 10% emulsifier, soy lectins flavourings