Ecrou du Fromager 140g | Ash-Coated Cheese

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Ecrou du Fromager

The Écrou du Fromager, a product of a small family farm, is a distinctive artisanal goat cheese. Its name, borrowed from the French language, hints at its unique resemblance to a hexagonal nut, complete with a central hexagonal void. Crafted using whole goat milk sourced from the GAEC des Alpines farm collective, this cheese boasts a firm and dense texture.

The ash-coated variety showcases a delicate silvery rind and offers a subtly tangy and mildly salty flavor characteristic of goat cheese. Depending on its age, the cheese may develop a natural mold covering during its 10 to 15-day maturation period. This cheese serves as an excellent gift choice for friends who appreciate craftsmanship and unique culinary experiences.