Grilled Caramelised Garlic in Balsamic Vinegar | 100g loose Deli Pot

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Grilled Caramelised Garlic in Balsamic Vinegar

These garlic cloves have been carefully crafted to perfection. Perfectly suited for pairing with cheeses or enjoying as a healthy snack alternative to satisfy those sweet treat cravings.

🌟 Unlike traditional raw garlic, our Grilled Caramelised Garlic undergoes a magical transformation. A harmonious marriage of BBQ flavors and a garlic experience like no other.

🍯 These garlic cloves are then lovingly pickled in balsamic vinegar, creating a delightful fusion of smoky richness and tangy sweetness. The texture is an artful balance, neither overly crunchy nor overly soft – just perfect in every way.

🧀 Transform your cheeseboard into a culinary masterpiece by adding these gems. Their depth of flavor and enticing texture make them an ideal companion for your favorite cheeses. They elevate your sharing platters and add a gourmet touch to any gathering.

🌿 Looking for a guilt-free snack to curb your sweet tooth cravings? Look no further! These Grilled Caramelised Garlic cloves offer a savory alternative that's both satisfying and healthy.

💼 We offer these delectable garlic cloves in our popular sharing platters, or you can purchase them individually by weight.

Discover the perfect balance of grilled, tangy, and savoury with Grilled Caramelised Garlic in Balsamic Vinegar.

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