Raclette | French Cheese

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Raclette | French Cheese

Raclette is a semi firm cows milk cheese from the French provinces of Savoie and Franche-Comte and in Switzerland. 

The term raclette comes from the French word racler - which means "to scrape".

This is because traditionally Raclette would have been left by a fire to warm and scraped directly on to a piece of bread or some warm potatoes, a great peasant meal!

These day we have Raclette grills which are fantasitc for parties. On the top you can grill your cured meat and underneath little shovel hold the raclette while it toasts. You then pour your raclette on to your plate from your chosen shovel. Goes really well with pickles like cornichons (mini gherkins), and pickled onions.

You can enjoy this cheese uncooked also it's milky, slightly sweet and pungent!

This cheese will be sold as a wedge unless you specify it's for a grill and I will happily slice it thinly for you.