Raclette | French Cheese

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Raclette (French), a semi-firm cow's milk cheese that originated in the French provinces of Savoie and Franche-Comte and is also popular in Switzerland.

The name "raclette" derives from the French word "racler," meaning "to scrape," as this cheese was traditionally warmed by a fire and scraped onto a piece of bread or warm potatoes, making for a hearty peasant meal.

Today, Raclette grills make it easy to enjoy this cheese with family and friends at parties. Place your cured meats on top to grill, and underneath, a little shovel holds the Raclette as it toasts to perfection. Simply pour the melted cheese over your favorite side dishes, such as potatoes or bread, and enjoy with pickled items like cornichons and pickled onions for a well-rounded flavor experience.

Our Raclette French Cheese is available as a wedge, or thinly sliced upon request for use on a grill. 

The cheese can also be enjoyed uncooked, with its milky, slightly sweet, and pungent flavor.

Experience the true taste of Raclette French Cheese, perfect for any occasion.

(Animal Rennet)