Cropwell Bishop Shropshire Blue 200g

Cropwell Bishop Shropshire Blue 200g : A British Orange Blue Vein Cheese

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Shropshire Blue by Cropwell Bishop 200g

Handmade in Nottinhamshire by the Skailes Family for three generations!

Shropshire Blue is a distinct British blue vein cheese renowned for its vibrant orange paste. This cheese offers a journey of flavors, beginning with a luxurious creaminess that melts on the tongue and swiftly evolves into a bold, metallic blue tang. The taste a perfect balance of savory saltiness and luscious sweetness, creating a truly indulgent experience.

What sets Shropshire Blue apart is its remarkable depth and complexity, providing an extended moments of taste on the palate. From its initial creamy onset to its lingering aftertaste, it's the Shropshire blue cheese enjoyment that keeps on giving.

A very popular choice of blue cheese in the shop. Coloured with a natural root extract which gives it a slight sweetness which balances out the salty tang of the blue beautifully. The attractive bright orange paste creates a visually appealing cheeseboard.

Other makers of Shropshire Blue are also available on request.