Smoked Gubbeen | Artisan Irish Farmhouse Cheese

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Smoked Gubbeen 

Artisan Irish Farmhouse Cheese


Cows milk

Traditional Rennet 

Notes from the dairy:

Gubbeen with Washed Rinds are pinkish with a white bloom - this rind, or crust, is actually a triple layered bloom of different organisms. The first being yeasts which grow within 3 days of cheeses arriving in the curing rooms and having been inoculated with the micoseeds of the Gubbeen Flora.
Once the yeasts have arrived the brevibacterium linens will grow rapidly giving the rind a tan and a nutty scent, this is then encouraged with not only the salt and water washes, but the addition of white wine; it balances the pH of the rind, protects and encourages the flora - within 5 days there will be a top bloom of the oxygen loving white candidum - this micro-garden traffic influences the appearance, structure and flavour of Gubbeen as its root stock works through the body of the cheese softening and flavouring.

We smoke our cheeses gently - it is very important to us that we make a cheese with Smoked Flavour. Not a Smoked Cheese with cheese flavour!

Our smoking system is the Pinney system; Pinney's of Orford taught our friend Chris Jepson how to smoke his salmon. He designed his smoke box from their clever and subtle design and when he finally retired he passed this skill on to Fingal. Our cheeses are now smoked here at the dairy in Gubbeen.