Mini Vacherin Mont d'Or 500g | Individual Box | Special Seasonal Brie

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Vacherin Mont d'Or

A gourmet renowned cheese ideal for baking and sharing

Individual Vacherin Mont d'Or are celebrated as a delectable cheese that's perfect for baking whole, allowing the hot, molten centre to envelop crusty bread in an indulgent embrace. It's your very own instant fondue in a wooden pot.

Tradition holds that every year autum this special cheese is unveiled to the world.

This limited-time offering is available only for a few months each year, making it a rare and coveted delicacy.

The unique presentation of Vacherin Mont d'Or, encased in strips of Spruce wood, gives it an appearance reminiscent of a sumptuous meat pie. Its luxurious texture and flavor profile are sure to delight your senses. Whether you choose to bake it in the oven or opt for the instant gratification of scooping it out with a spoon, this cheese guarantees a mouthwatering experience.

Due to its overwhelming popularity, we recommend securing your Vacherin Mont d'Or as early as possible. Don't miss your chance to savour the goodness of this exceptional cheese.

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