Mug Run Indonesia Coffee Beans 70g Bag

Mug Run Coffee | Locally Roasted Coffee beans and grounds | North Wales

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Mug Run is our local artisan coffee owned by Tim, whose distinctive "mug" (British slang for face) graces their branding.

Tim, along with his partner Aisha and the support of Tim's Mum, pours heart and dedication into every batch of beans they roast.

Situated in the seaside town of Rhyl, North Wales, just a stone's throw away, Mug Run's coffee is roasted at number 4 intensity, offering coffee lovers a robust and full-bodied experience with detailed tasting notes.

Mug Run is more than just coffee; it's a testament to their commitment to quality, ethical sourcing, and fair compensation for their coffee growers.

Indulge in the love they pour into their bags of grounds and beans, supporting local and global communities alike. Sip into the warmth of community and craftsmanship, embodied in every cup of Mug Run which is perfectly paired with our Diforti Sicilian Cannoli & Pistachio Creams!

Additionally, due to the seasonality of the bean, Mug Run offers a dynamic and ever-changing selection of coffee varieties. Picked at their best during different times of the year in far-flung places, the type of beans will naturally vary with the seasons. Embrace the excitement of discovering new and unique flavor profiles, as Mug Run consistently brings you the finest, freshly roasted coffee that captures the essence of each distinct harvest.